05 Sep 2017

Caddick Construction drives forward with Hyundai Motor contract

Caddick Construction drives forward with Hyundai Motor contract

A Leeds business is enjoying a brand new makeover after workers from a nearby construction site offered to refresh its premises.

The Kabin sandwich shop on Lowfields Lane has a fresh new look after Yorkshire-based Caddick Construction, currently working on a new Hyundai car garage nearby, provided brand new signage and a fresh coat of paint.

Richard Gaukrodger, Contracts Manager at Caddick Construction, said: ‘Wherever we work we try to leave a positive impact on the local area. The Kabin has been really popular with the team on site so we wanted to see if there was anything we could do to give the business a little boost and this refresh was absolutely perfect.’

The Kabin has been owned by ex-plasterer Ian Keye for the last 2.5 years. He said: ‘Located on an industrial estate with little foot traffic, I depend on repeat business to keep going. That means I need to really look after my customers and keep my premises looking ship shape at all times.

‘The fresh coat of paint and new signage has made the world of difference, and plenty of my customers have already commented on the smart new look.

‘Now I’m looking forward to the Hyundai garage opening up and bringing even more trade to the area.’

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