10 Mar 2015

Construction no longer just a man’s world

Construction no longer just a man’s world

A female apprentice working on the development of a £20m retail park in Leeds believes that gender is no longer an issue in construction.

Kirsty Wood works for Yorkshire headquartered, Caddick Construction, and is currently a trainee site manager at Kirkstall Bridge Shopping Park.

She said: “I think the stigma has gone from the industry. If you are part of the team, are willing to muck in and have the knowledge and skills to do a good job then it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a women. I think there is definitely more room for women in the management side of construction. It's a great area to be involved in, everyday is different and the benefits and reward are there."

Having been brought up on a farm, Ms Woods always wanted a career that would allow her to work outside. “Working in an office was never going to be for me,” she added. Ms Woods said that doing an apprenticeship had been invaluable. She added: “Being an apprentice provides you with vital skills and hands-on experience that you just don’t get at university.”

Ms Woods, who joined Caddick in 2013, is set to complete her apprenticeship course at Leeds College of Building in May 2017.

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