22 Jul 2020

Site Safety Initiative Launched for summer holidays

Site Safety Initiative Launched for summer holidays

Caddick Construction is launching a new awareness campaign highlighting the dangers to children of playing on building sites during the summer holidays.

The safety initiative follows the tragic death of a 10-year-old boy who died after falling down a bore hole on a construction site in Scotland earlier this month. 

The Yorkshire and North West based construction company has sponsored a specially written and illustrated book aimed at primary schoolchildren that features characters such as “Conestance” and “Conen” who find themselves in danger after deciding to explore a nearby construction site.

The brightly-illustrated book “Cones on Site” is brought to life by well-known artist Zara Hussain and written by Chris Madeley. It is part of a series on safety awareness aimed at 5 to 11-year olds, with other titles addressing issues such as railways and electricity.

50 free books are being given out free to children across West Yorkshire and North West.

Jacques Banting Health & Safety Officer for Caddick Construction, said: “Caddick has several sites currently live all across Yorkshire / North West and health & safety is always our first priority.

“We know that building sites can appear like an exciting place for children to try and explore but we can’t over-emphasise how dangerous they are with heavy machinery, masonry, hazardous materials, and deep foundations all posing potential threats.

“This series of Cone character books are a great way to get that important “stay safe/stay away” message over to children but in a fun way, and we hope it will help to make youngsters think twice when they are enjoying their summer break.” He added.     

Anyone who would like a free copy of the Cones book, they can send a message via the Caddick Construction Facebook Page or e-mail marketing@caddick.co.uk

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