25 Mar 2024

Caddick to Grow Affordable Housing Portfolio with £700m Framework Appointment

Caddick to Grow Affordable Housing Portfolio with £700m Framework Appointment


Caddick Construction has expanded its presence on public sector frameworks with its appointment to the EN:Procure New Build Framework, designed to offer a cost-effective and flexible route to deliver new build housing across Northern England.

Caddick has secured positions on Lot 3 and Lot 4 of the framework each for the construction of developments of 30 to 100 properties and 70 properties and over, respectively. The lots will run from March 2024 to March 2028.

The appointment will see Caddick grow its portfolio of housing developments, which currently includes a number of projects on behalf of social landlords across the North West and Yorkshire.

Managed by social housing consortium, Efficiency North, EN:Procure is the specialist procurement arm providing services designed to support the need for more investment in affordable new housing, including small and large scale residential, commercial and mixed-use developments. 

The framework will cover all aspects of new build housing, including design, site preparation, and remediation, civil engineering and infrastructure works, new build construction and refurbishment across Yorkshire, the East Midlands and the North West. 

EN:Procure adds to Caddick Construction’s expanding presence on procurement frameworks, which also includes NEPO’s £800m Construction Works Framework for projects valued £10m and above on behalf of public sector bodies across the UK.

Paul Dodsworth, Caddick Construction Group Managing Director, commented: “We’re very proud to be growing our presence on frameworks that drive standards in project delivery for our industry. There are huge benefits to EN:Procure, not least of which is the early engagement it enables between client and contractor, which ensures that projects have the best possible start for a high quality delivery.

“The inclusion of civil engineering and groundwork also enables us to bring in the in-house expertise of our Civil Engineering business, which will ensure the smooth and efficient delivery of much-needed residential development across the North.”

Emma Mottram, Director of Operations at EN:Procure, said: “It has been an exciting start to the year as we announce the successful bids for our latest framework process - congratulations to Caddick on its appointment.

“The framework was structured to encourage SME engagement as we always aim to give as many such businesses as possible the chance to take up these wonderful opportunities.

“However, the framework also delivers a range of national and local contractors with a call-off mechanism that ensures the most suitable contractors are selected for the specifics of the job. Call off methods also provide opportunities for early contractor involvement and utilising preconstruction service agreements.

“The successful applicants will be expected to complete the works to a high standard and share our commitment to regeneration. We will support them in delivering dynamic ESG targets and ensure their backing for Efficiency North’s drive to improve training and skills development, including the use of apprenticeships.” 

Emma added: “Our new generation Gen4 frameworks will provide a higher level of transparency and forge the way for the social housing sector to fully embrace sustainability and achieve decarbonisation targets that are so crucial to the industry and the UK.”

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