12 Jul 2023

How Caddick enabled Fallon to build her career in construction

How Caddick enabled Fallon to build her career in construction

A career in construction has always been the dream for Fallon Buxton, who at 22, started to lay the foundations for the life she wanted. Now, aged 29, she has nearly seven years of experience under her belt and an exciting relocation to Yorkshire with her wife, Elea. Fallon has now built a career in planning from the ground up, and thanks to Caddick, has completed a Construction Management degree, with first-class honours.   

Starting out in the industry in 2016, Fallon knew that construction enriched her life for the better, and taking life by the steering wheel she started to pursue roles in the industry until finally seeking out an employment initiative called Social & Mobility.

Fallon commented: “I knew that construction was the industry for me, and so after throwing my hat in the ring for a series of temporary roles in Liverpool I knew I needed something more permanent, and that’s when I found Caddick. The employment, Social & Mobility initiative looks to give people from struggling backgrounds equal opportunities and help them into roles they might not otherwise have had the chance to work in.

“I first joined the Caddick team in Liverpool as a temp Project Administrator in October 2016, I enjoyed the role so much and everybody I was working with was brilliant. It was here that I saw others in the business completing various training and degree apprenticeship courses, and it just looked like an amazing opportunity to get some proper training while also in work.

“Staying in employment while studying was really important to me. I knew this was the only available option, so I decided to get in touch with the Operations Director at the time, and the rest is history.”

Fallon continues: “Ian offered me an amazing opportunity to move into the planning department in Knottingley, and in the space of just one month, I had packed up my life and relocated to Leeds to start this new chapter with my wife. In September 2018, I started a five year Construction Management degree apprenticeship at Leeds Beckett University. I knew nobody in Leeds at the time and my wife was moving to be with me from Cleveland, Ohio, so the move was a big deal for us, but it all worked out for the best.”

“Over my years at Caddick, I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside some amazing women: my line manager and several site managers at Caddick are also women in construction. I’m used to seeing women in these senior leadership roles, but when I first started at University, I found that there were very few women on my course.

“It’s so important that we urge people from all walks of life to join our industry and take on new roles in construction. In my job, problem solving, communication and relationship building are vital and these are characteristics that typically lend themselves to the women in my team. The best advice I could give to women thinking about a career in construction is not to shy away and just put yourself out there. My degree apprenticeship with Caddick has given me such a brilliant opportunity and made me completely employable.”

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